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from 20+ academic disciplines

极光vp n官网佛跳墙

Drs. Jessica Finlay (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SEH, ISR) and Lindsay Kobayashi (Assistant Professor, Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health, SPH) discuss insights from the COVID-19 Coping Study of nearly 7,000 adults aged 55+ from across the country. The talk will share participants’ perspectives and diverse experiences during the first upswing of the pandemic, including major sources of stress and ways of coping.

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ISR consists of five separate but interdependent research centers, each with a particular focus and capabilities.

极光vp n官网佛跳墙

We conduct research in a wide variety of areas. View some of our recent project highlights or explore them all by topic area.

  • Population Health


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    Population Health
    Poverty & Inequality
    Aging & Retirement

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极光vp n官网佛跳墙

  • Aging & Retirement
  • Data & Methods
  • Economic Behavior
  • Family & Relationships
  • Human Development
  • Politics
  • Population Health
  • Poverty & Inequality
  • Social Psychology
  • Youth

极光vp n官网佛跳墙

ISR’s faculty experts conduct groundbreaking and wide-ranging social science research — representing more than 20 academic disciplines. Included below are two examples of the type of work being done by members of our team.

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    Research Investigator, ICPSR - Membership Archives
    Dr. Million manages social science data at ICPSR with research interest in libraries, public administration, and technology.… more
  • 极光vp n官网佛跳墙

    Research Professor, CPS Chair, LSA Political Science Professor, LSA Political Science
    Nancy Burns studies gender, race, political participation, public opinion, and intergovernmental relations in the American context. Her most recent book, … more


  • Aug 4
    Statistical Models of Election Outcomes
    Andrew Gelman, Columbia University
    Off Campus Location @ 7:30pm
  • Aug 5
    Health Disparities across the Life Cycle
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    Off Campus Location @ 7:30pm
  • Aug 6
    Detroit Metropolitan Area Community Study and Archived Data at ICPSR
    Jeff Morenoff, University of Michigan
    Off Campus Location @ nutsvp.net官网
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